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Holding out for a hero? 

Plus Sara Hartland, H. M. Hodgson, Tanya Nellestein, Erin Moira O’Hara, Ruby Rare, Eliza Renton and Rosie Miles.

Guarded Hearts anthology presents 17 passionate protector romances and captivatingly hot romantic suspense novellas.
Military heroes, undercover operatives, guns for hire, private security and first responders are the order of the day. This collection is action-packed with heroic men and the brave women who stand with them - then win them over.

Release Date: November 18 2022
Heading 6

          Love Takes Courage

Connie King witnessed the murder of her friend. New York City was her escape plan, but she’s sleeping on the streets, with a dollar to her name. Luckily, Sentinel Security just hired her as a translator.
Mike Rawlings, code name Winter, excelled as an elite army ranger until everything shot sideways to hell. Six months later, he heads up Sentinel’s Beta Team. A loner, Mike’s not looking for a roommate. Definitely not a woman as sweetly packaged as the new recruit. Trouble with a capital T.
When Connie’s dangerous past lands on her doorstep, Winter vows to protect and keep her safe. Unsure who to trust, will Connie have the courage to let Winter into her life and heart?

Release Date: February 14 2023