Guard your heart - Trust no one


Until his last mission, British military medic Luke McLaren kept his oath, ‘Do No Harm'. When he fails to save his best friend, Mike, Luke’s life implodes.


Mike’s sister, midwife Kate Gibson, doesn’t believe in happy endings, not since her father deserted her when she was a child, and her brother was killed on a mission.


One night of make-me-forget sex and Luke knows Kate is the only woman he will ever want but can never have. Life goes on. He joins Sentinel Security, and Kate focuses on her clinical work in Africa.


When Kate asks for Luke’s help to expose a bomb threat, he agrees. He has no choice thanks to his deathbed promise to protect her. With their hotter than hell connection reignited, Luke and Kate must face their demons and the enemy if they are to survive and claim a future together.


Cool Under Pressure - Until she hits his hot button

Knight, iceman head of Sentinel Security dedicated to the mission. A loner. Until he meets Lily, a woman who questions everything he believes. He falls hard and fast for the midwife, but Lily has a stalker. Her ex. Out of fear for her friends and Knight, she runs, leaving Knight angry and betrayed.

Months later, in Africa, terrorists kidnap Lily, and Sentinel executes a daring rescue. Home in England, both realise falling in love may not be a choice. But Lily has a secret. A secret that puts Knight on the run. Before they can move forward, Lily's past threatens to destroy their future.